Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter riding and the such...........

I really don't have much new in cycling news. I did recieve an email from the "Angry's" about a little pub action on the 6th. No word on if anybody will actually be riding though. Have you all thought about how you are going to deal with the nice weather we are all about to have? Are you going to put your billion dollar roadbike on the trainer? The one that you spent a couple of hundred bucks for, that you actually haven't rode. Or are you gonna get out that latest Pearl Izumi superfiber jacket and brave the cold? Nah!!! Read a few tips from some of the links below there are low cost alternatives to enjoyng the outdoors when it is cold out. There are a lot of times the rides I have went on were more enjoyable in the winter than in
the summer. Why? Don't know, I just do it.

A couple of years ago a few of us rode swanson at the first snow. I was awesome riding on fresh powder was great. I do sugest layering and of course a single speed.

People do tend to look at you funny, oh well. I think I have done enough rambling. Read these sites!! Most of the time you already have the gear or stuuf to make it. When I worked at the rack years ago I used to tape bread bags around the front of my legs one in the crotch ( no tape there ) and wore some over my socks. I think you get the picture I know some of these things may sound crude and some may not. Any imput is welcomed mail me at mr1spd at yahoo. Have a good night or day pending what time you read this.

I may even break out the polo mallet for a game soon.



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Grumpy old biker said...

I dont know what the weather is going to be like in Omahole. But if its snowing it makes for better POLO...
Like I need to tell you that.

mr1spd said...

It is gonna get shitty grump if you want back on as a contrib let me know.

Josh said...

Good to hear man! Can't ride this weekend, I'm in bike limbo. Maybe next week/weekend, give me a call. Want to help move some stuff?

My computer is finally letting me see you security jumble (about time).

mr1spd said...

Moving huh when what time. You better be buyin' pizza and beer....