Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday bender

Breakfast ride at 9:00am! Yeah I was late. Kurt and I rode from Bellevue to Standing Bear Lake and then off to Waterloo for some greasy digs and a few drafts. On the way we saw Grumpy (poor bastard has to work sundays, bike shops are getting more corporate these days, sorry but nothing should be open on sunday that is time for riding and family).

We Arrived about 20min after CC, Mutha, and the O'gravy train. The frosty mugs were a nice compliment to the 2.50 eggs, sausage and toast. I was a great time. I busted out the speakers and uncle Terry broke out the ipod and James Brown graced us while we fed.

Time to go back so we left and headed on up maple while the others went back on the route. Kurt and I stopped for more barley pop and rode until we found a nice tree to kick off the shoes and take a break. We continued on and the view was excellent I will have to say I enjoy the trail on a warm day.

We ended up getting around 70 miles. We are getting ready for the Spring Roadhouse. I am guessing that will be a 3 day bender full of hills, headwind and some brew.

I got home polished of the last 24oz and sit outside on the front step. I was 78 when we were riding. I went in took a shower and crashed hard for about an hour. The 1x1 is going to swanson this week for some punishment. Bob is still crazy, and Grupmy send me some pics of Aarons new trucker!!!!!!!!!

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