Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jewel at night

Josh and I rode Jewel last night we rode the upper parts and it was dry. I think there were about 30 or so deer out there. If you haven't rode Jewel I highly reccomend it. We also found a huge ass spider. Got back ate some papa john's washed it down with a couple of blue moons and that is all she wrote.......... I am working on getting pics up.

The monkey is running great. had to pick up the 1x1 today time to ride some SS



ajb said...

Where were you on the Polo gig yesterday? It was a blast. Make a plan to make it next week, bro!

mr1spd said...

sorry no time for polo this year wanna buy a mallet?

ajb said...

Make time, man... that's what I gotta do! 2 kids, single bread winner, graduate school... all the more reason to get out and play!

And, no on the mallet - mine is working like magic this year. Must be the stickers.

Anywho... hope you can make it when you get the time. Steel Sally's saying he's gonna get going with it in about a month...